Glen Waverley


Homemade Hookien noodles

Deposit $600
Minimum stay 24 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking Outside
Can pickup airport? No
House has pets? Yes
Available from 24 Nov 2018
Available to 24 May 2019
Guests Students

Hi my name is Jenny i am 46 years old my Husband Luke 39 years old. We have 1 cat her name is Lucy and she is 1 year old. Lucy has been vaccinated toilet train very friendly cat she doesn't loose any hair and allergy free. We are 10 mins by bus to Monash university. 20 mins to Deakin university. 35 mins by train to the City. Please do not hesitate to contact me in person to discuss thank you.


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Pinewood Shopping Plaza

-1 kms