Pic of bedroom

Deposit $200
Minimum stay 6 weeks
Meals Breakfast
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? No
House has pets? Yes
Available from 07 Sep 2019
Available to 30 Dec 2021
Guests Students

Hello; I have hosted multiple students at my home since 2014 - mostly for periods of a year or more - and am now looking to welcome a female student (please note: just one - no couples please) for 2019 and beyond.

My home is an apartment, but it is large - and as I am often not at home, you would have a lot of space to yourself. For this reason, I do need a fairly independent person who is happy to cook and look after themselves. I am also studying my Masters, and working full time, and so I am quite busy!

You would have your own bedroom that is already completely furnished and comes with a double bed, desk, built in wardrobe, shelving, a mirror and drawers. There is a large, spacious lounge room area with a tv and DVD player. The kitchen, although old, is fully equipped. The bathroom, with a shower and toilet, has a laundry attached - it is also quite big. This is not a new apartment, but because it is old it was built big and roomy.

I have a dog. He adores people - particularly women. Although he is not allowed in your room, you need to at least like animals because he will be around in the rest of the house! He's a lovely little dog.

The apartment is a three minute walk from Strathmore train station. There is a cafe and a gym directly across the road, as well as a fish and chip shop, chemist, post office and small grocer on the other side of the train station - so less than five minutes walk. There are lots of parks and walking tracks at the back of the apartment block, and one of the walking paths goes directly into the city if you like to cycle. Otherwise, the train is twenty minutes from the city, which makes it perfect for RMIT city students; Melbourne university students (add another 5 to 10 minute tram ride); and any city campus of other unis. If you attend a university outside of the city, it might still be possible to get there but I would imagine it would take some time - perhaps work it out by looking at where that uni is from Strathmore station.
Please note that there is NO car space.


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Place Distance Time By

University of Melbourne

8 kms



CBD/city university campuses

10 kms



North Melbourne

8 kms



Emabssy English

9 kms



Good Life gym

0 kms



Coles and Woolworths supermarkets; cafes and shops

3 kms