Endeavour Hills



Deposit $500
Minimum stay 4 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? No
Available from 17 Jun 2019
Available to 31 Dec 2021
Guests Students, Travellers, Workers

Hi, my name is Annie and I currently work full time at a bank. I live with my fiancé Jordan works part time at Chadstone and Uber Eats. I can speak English (main language), Mandarin and Hokkien. Jordan can speak English (main language), Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

We currently have 1 fully furnished room for rent for $250 a week including Breakfast (self serve), Lunch and Dinner. I will generally cook more for Dinner so there is sufficient left over for Lunch the next day. We currently do have internet, heating and cooling in our house which is inclusive of the pricing. There is a 2nd bathroom which will not be required to be shared with us as we have our own bathroom in the master bedroom.

My fiancé and I do the house chores on a weekly basis and do not require you to contribute but to only simply clean up after yourself if you’ve made a mess. We generally like to watch movies, play board games or go out for dinner during our spare time.

There is a bus stop (843 bus) right in front of the house which takes you to Dandenong station. M1 freeway is also 5-10 minutes away and the closest Shopping Centre is Fountain Gate Shopping Centre which is 15 minutes away.

If you wish to know anything else, feel free to email me.


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Place Distance Time By

Bus Stop

1 kms



M1 Freeway

5 kms



Fountain Gate Shopping Centre

9 kms