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  • Deposit: $1600
  • Minimum stay: 2 weeks
  • Meals: Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast
  • Internet: Yes
  • Smoking: No
  • Can pickup airport?: Yes
  • House has pets?: No
  • Available from: 09 Feb 2023
  • Available to: 06 Feb 2028
  • Guests: Students
Below are guidelines just to let you know what our expectations and wishes are for you

DINNER: Our dinner will usually be ready around 6:00 to 7:00 Occasionally, we have to work late. When that is the case, there will be food available for you to help yourself. Always, after dinner, all of us help cleaning the kitchen, so please join in and help us by clearing the dishes off the table help, rinsing and loading the dishwasher, wiping off the stove, counter tops and the dining table. It’s a fun “family time” together.

OUR HOME – YOUR HOME: You are welcome to make yourself at home in the “common areas” of our house — watch TV anytime you want, watch movies, play the piano, read, play board or card games, etc.

YOUR ROOM: We respect your privacy and will never enter your room without first knocking. We want you to feel at home in your room – this is your space. If there is anything we have forgotten that will make your stay more comfortable, please talk with us about it. We have provided a vacuum cleaner (stored in my sitting room closet) for you to use in your room along with a dust rag and furniture polish. Please try to run it about once a week and do a little dusting just to help keep everything nice and orderly.

We have provided a towel bar on your closet or room door to hang your wet bath towel and washcloth on. Please do not leave wet towels or washcloths on the furniture, or on the bed. Also, please put any drink glasses on the coasters provided to keep water spots from damaging the furniture. We prefer that you not take food to your room – crumbs and left-over food can cause bug infestation.

Each morning before you leave for school, please neatly make up your bed smoothing out all wrinkles, pick up your clothing and hang them in the closet, open your blinds or shutters, and leave your door open to help the ventilation in your room.
LAUNDRY: The washer are located on ground floor. We will be glad to show you how to use the washer. Please remember to launder your bed sheets, towels and wash cloths regularly. There is a laundry hamper provided inside your closet to place your dirty clothes in.

BATHROOM: As a courtesy, please keep the bathroom as picked up and clean as possible for your suite-mate(s). Cleaning supplies are under the bathroom sink. You should work out a cleaning routine for the bathroom – it should be cleaned every week!! (Mop the floor, clean the toilet, clean mirror, scrub the tub and sink, etc.) Because we are living in a double storey home, you can flush reasonable amounts of toilet paper into toilet. Too much toilet paper can stop up the toilet. Please do not put wet tissue into toilet, it also block the pipe and cause costly repairs.

This is a lot of information – but we hope it will help you feel more at home and give you guidance on what is expected of you. We will treat you like part of our family!!!


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